Mister King

  • 03:29:28 am on January 14, 2011 | 0

    I heard this song when I was on Pandora…such a sick track. Sean Kingston has made a few tracks that I really like. He’s got a distinct sound to him. He reminds me of a British rapper (also known as an MC) because of his style…

    Anyways, I decided to write about this song because I felt like the beat was catchy, as well as the hook. Kingston sort of reminds me of Flo-Rida also, but I think I prefer Kingston.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6giXgG6qQzo%5D

    This song, to me, is great because it has a somewhat positive message…”Don’t be afraid to let go…,” which I take as don’t be afraid to be youself. I love being myself, and I hope that through reading my blogs at least one person will be inspired to be themselves because that’s really the only time you will be truly happy.

    Anyways, enjoy this one…let me know what you think.

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