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I woke up this morning with a feeling of relief at the fact that I was in my own bed, but I was confused because of the dream that seconds ago seemed so real…

From what I remember, I was in England with some friends, and being American we wantd to go to the mall and see the sites as well as the English girls.

We take a bus to the mall from my Aunt’s house, who actually lives in England which is why this dream most likely took place there, and arrive there during the day. No problems… Apparently we had been there for quite some time, because by the time it was time to go, it was already dark. I’m not sure how many minutes or hours had passed, but it seemed like it got dark really quick.

As it started getting later in the evening, I realized that I was seperated from my friends. I had to get back to my Aunts house though, so I jumped on the bus behind a really cute girl.

As the bus takes off, I’m thinking to myself…thank God I made it. It’s about 11 pm according to the clock on the bus, and I realize that if I hadn’t gotten on this bus then I would have been stuck at the mall all night.

About two minutes pass, and we are taking these weird turns down the backstreets of England, and for some reason (besides the fact that I don’t live there) I don’t recognize any of the buildings we are passing. I look up at the front of the bus, and to my dismay I realize I have gotten on the wrong bus. I pull the emergency stop line, and run up to the front of the bus. I don’t remember what I said to the bus driver, but it involved me being on the wrong bus and needing to get off.

I also remember leaving something like a bag or some food on the bus, and I was contemplating going and grabbing it before I got off the bus, but I decided not to hold the bus and its passengers up any longer because they were getting irritated.

As I started walking alone in England, I seemed to be in some dark neighborhood that reminded me of a neighborhood in urban America. It was dark, and the street lights were orange. There weren’t that many, so they were quite ineffective at lighting up the street in the darkness.

I got to the end of the first street I was on, and as soon as I turned right I saw a rather large, black dog coming my way. The dog’s eyes were cloudy and it bugged me out. I tried to keep walking thinking the dog would leave me alone, but it came right up to me and tried to bite me.

Instinct obviously took over at this point, because I remember punching the dog as hard as I could in the face in a call of duty sort of way, except I didn’t break its neck…I know, weird.

This scuffle lasts about 30 seconds, and during the attack I suddenly see someone walking up from behind the dog. As if it vanished into the air, I remember no longer being worried about the dog, and I ask the guy if he knows the route for me to get back to my aunts house.

I can’t remember exactly what he said, but somehow I ended up asking the guy if he had any bud, and then we ended up going back to his house to get my barrings and to smoke a little herb. At this point I had already dug into my pocket and produced a perfectly rolled joint. 

As I was sitting at this random guys humble abode, all I kept thinking to myself was I hope this dude just hurries up and takes me back to my aunts house…I was tired, and it was getting late, but being in a shady part of town I didn’t want to fall asleep.

I had no idea where I was, and it felt like it was really late.

 I somehow came to the realization that this guy is younger than me, and is just hanging out with a friend of his. The two seemed like troublemakers though, so I remember having my guard up and ready for anything to happen.

I don’t remember why we were just sitting at the kids house smoking, but about 3 minutes after we had been at this dudes house his parents show up while we are smoking pot. Immediately I think to myself, “This is not a good first impression,” so I stood up and walked to his parents to shake their hands.

I then asked his father if he knew how to get back to my aunts side of town because I’m lost. He tells me that I’m about 30 minutes away, and then tells me I can look in the yellow pages for the address so that his son wont get lost when he takes me home.

I remember going into the kitchen to get the yellow pages, and when I came back out the dude and his friend were gone…I checked his room, the room across from his, and another room which was down the hall to the right of his. I was confused and a little frustrated. It felt like I was alone, and in a horrible situation…lost and so far away from anyone that knew who I was. Why was I in this place? What does this mean?

About two minutes pass, and the dudes parents have gone to bed now, so it’s just me in this house in the middle of England. 30 more seconds pass, and then the dude shows up in the room across from his, as if he had climbed in through the window…but I hadn’t seen him leave so I was weirded out by his reappearance.

Keep in mind, the entire time I am dreaming I keep thinking to myself, it’s late…I really can’t fall alseep though….don’t fall asleep. It was like a bad dream, except nothing bad really happened. I was alone, and I was truly lost.

I then remember slowly opening my eyes and realizing that I was right in my own bed in good ol USA. This was a weird experience…and I thought I should write about it so I can share it with others who also might have some weird dreams…

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