As a true fan of the world’s greatest game, and a graduated Division 1 athlete, I think it is time to speak the truth about why American soccer is not as popular as the other sports in this country.


Let’s be honest, if you’re reading this post then chances are you have played soccer, watched soccer, heard about soccer, or seen a soccer commercial. First of all I hate the word soccer because it makes me feel like we’re not even talking about the same sport that I love.

 Futbol is the greatest sport in the world, but the majority of people in this country don’t appreciate it because they straight up don’t understand it. We are a high paced society, and unfortunately we are also a simple society…just turn on the radio and listen to some of the garbage that gets played and it’s not hard to believe.


Without dragging this out, I will say that I feel the reason this sport is not the most popular in this country because people don’t really know how it should be played. Every time I watch it on ESPN the games are dull and lame. They only show two or three games a week, and if even one of those games is a dud then you can kiss that potential fan goodbye forever if they don’t understand the game.

The problem really boils down to how futbol is marketed in this country. It’s all about money in America, and instead of focusing on having fun playing the game and learning to play it properly, people are more concerned with having the coolest shoes, best ball, and all the other unimportant stuff.

It’s simple to me why this happens…a lot of Futbol players in America are soft. They get coached at an early age by their parents who have no idea what they hell they’re talking about, and it turns out looking like a bunch of little kids running around in short shorts with high socks trying to kick a ball up and down the field. Doesn’t sound interesting to me either…and I love the sport.

I have the solution to this problem. The first is that they must start encouraging kids in urban communities to play futbol. In every other country futbol is a sport played by poor and rich. Most players that make it to the pros have come from nothing. They leave their families to work on their game and make a living to provide for their families.

In America, futbol is just about making money. There are so many fees and charges that the only people that can afford to play are the wealthy…it’s sad.

Another problem with futbol in this country is the NCAA. They flat out are the worst thing that could happen to futbol in this country. Without being ridiculous, I feel perfectly okay calling the NCAA America’s Hitler. They basically put rules in place that make no sense, and disrupt the growth of the sport completely. Worst of all, they disrupt the growth for the people who are breaking into the professional ranks, which makes the pro’s worse…

 Have you ever wondered why the MLS is not that great of a league, yet the NBA is the best league in the world? It’s because urban communities have basketball courts and people who are less fortunate don’t have to pay $1000 to play for one season. If we really want to see futbol grow in this country, we need to remove the NCAA from futbol…or atleast they need to change some if not most of their rules.


I am pretty passionate about this subject, so I wouldn’t be suprised if I ended up writing another article about this…

Please, share your opinion on the matter…

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