Earlier this month, as I was driving home, I saw the sickest car I’ve seen in a long time. It was an old school dodge challenger. It was black, with the windows tinted, and a license plate that read “HiRoler.”

The Ride That Caught My Eye

As I drove by, I found myself admiring the beautiful display of American Muscle, and all I could do was honk my horn as a sign of respect.
Anyways, while I’m here I can promote my next song, which is definitely Lil Waynes new song “With You.”
I heard this song at a party on New Years Eve, and I loved it. The beat isn’t too loud, and the lyrics are also not violent. This song is about being with your girl. Who can’t appreciate this song if you’ve ever had that one girl that you would do anything for.
Hip Hop is losing a lot of its creativity these days, but artists like Lil Wayne and Drake are keeping people interested with songs like this. If anyone has any comments about this song whether positive or negative, I would like to see them voiced. I want people to let me know why they also like this song, or why they don’t like it.
Maybe we can figure out what makes hip-hop so popular. Later I will definitely be reveiwing the likes of Gucci Mane and Wacka Flacka Flame just to name a few controversial artists that are getting a lot of attention these days.
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